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Brand: Anywear

Brand Owner: Watstock Artificial Intelligence Networks Ltd

Country: Global

Industry: Fashion, Technology

Services: Naming, Brand Identity, UI & UX Consultancy & Design, Communication Consultancy

The Story

Watstock AI Networks, a company with multiple pioneering products in their portfolio, approached us in order to consult them on their new exciting platform. Previously called Hotspotting, the app uses advanced image recognition and network with major fashion brands, in order to identify and help people purchase any clothes found on any photo! The platform also enables influencers to monetize their influence in a new way and agencies to identify the right influencers through relevant data.


The Client had a pioneering product, yet the initial name, identity and communication was not up to the product’s groundbreaking nature and not reflecting the offering and brand spirit.

Goals & Tasks
  • Brand audit
  • Develop a relevant brand for the millennial target audience
  • Redesign the app based on the new identity and optimize the UX

We analyzed the audience segments and strategized and designed a brand that primarily speaks the millennials’ language and has a fashion yet rebellious feel. We came up with a simple playful relevant name. The identity system features various logo versions and devices, multiple layout grids and patterns, yet all these assets together form a clearly coherent and recognizable identity with a strong appeal to the target audience.

We suggested new user-friendly UX features, based on research on audience behaviour and designed innovative UI elements.

We consulted on communication plan and influencer choice in general, and specifically for Paris Fashion Week campaign.


We created a relevant brand identity that truly resonated with the target audience

We witness a significant increase in app downloads with excellent interaction and engagement rates.

Garnered positive response from those in the global fashion scene.