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Brand: Maison Lutetia

Brand Owner: Maison Lutetia / Al-Futtaim

Country: United Arab Emirates

Industry: Beauty, Aesthetics

Channels Used: Online campaign, Outdoor & In-mall, Social media


Al-Futtaim approached us with a brief to promote the luxury beauty clinic, one of their latest acquisitions.


Maison Lutetia, a Dubai branch of a famous Parisian aesthetic clinic, suffered from low footfall and a perception of being ultra-expensive. How do we bring the brand closer to people? How do we make it look more accessible while maintaining its high profile positioning?

  • Correct the perception and attract new audiences
  • Increase leads and footfall
  • Localize the brand

We developed a campaign highlighting Lutetia’s unique features such as a more natural approach to aesthetic, amazing interiors and customer experience and high quality of services while presenting the brand in a more friendly and casual way with a humorous and playful touch, signifying accessibility without losing the prestige and elegance.

Tagline ‘Beauty the Beautiful Way’ reflected and conveyed many of the above-mentioned benefits in a single statement. We designed the campaign in a way that we could communicate a wide range of services under a unified theme. Each ad represents a humorous take on one of the hero procedures, featuring a pair of models in a situation allowing us to see, or actually even better, not to see the difference. A photoshoot with a photographer Adam Balcerek delivered a series of beautiful photos full of joy and humour, but also a sense of various relationships, bringing a genuine human touch to the brand. Paired with a copy written in a conversational, engaging tone, letting us “brag in an understated way” (Guess who did the hair transplant. Lutetia!), the campaign truly brought the brand closer to people while keeping it stylish and prestigious.


Over 40K in total engagement recorded across the platforms for the campaign through owned content.

Over 18mn total impressions for Facebook and over 8mn impressions for Instagram. Excellent link clicks rates ensured that enquiries and bookings saw a rise.