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Brand: Burj Al Arab Swim

Brand Owner: Dubai Holding

Country: United Arab Emirates

Industry: Sports, Leisure and Entertainment

Channels Used: Online campaign, Video Production, Social media content


Dubai Holding approached us with a brief to promote an event that’s been on hiatus for some time - a swimming event during which professional swimmers and member of public have a rare chance to swim around the iconic Burj Al Arab.


How do you resurrect a brand that’s been on hiatus? How do you build excitement and hype around an obscure sporting event? How do you go viral?

Goals & Tasks
  • Create a catchy concept to popularize the event and attract wide public
  • Drive registrations to ensure full capacity attendance
  • Support the campaign with ongoing social media content throughout all phases from pre-registration all the way to the coverage and post-event

We centered the campaign around three light-hearted videos, each one featuring an off-beat hero with a heart of gold: Frank, who wears his shark costume EVERYWHERE. Sarah, who is obsessed with outer space and wears a makeshift helmet she got from her mom no matter what. And Nicolas, a perfectionist and swimming eccentric, closely observing inflatable animals and racing them against each other, all to discover his perfect swimming technique. Stand out & swim!

The videos were released on YouTube and Instagram. We first launched a teaser featuring all heroes, then the main three videos were released one by one, building up the hype. We also created additional short videos featuring unused footage, behind the scenes shots and extended looks into the character’s ‘lives’. Information-driven content and coverage took care of the details.


Content produced has an excellent 2.7 million reach over the duration of the campaign with over 3.5 million impressions generated. Owned content created a buzz with a total engagement of 475k. 73k website visits were recorded over the duration of the campaign capturing a rise in interest levels and enquiries